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Robot solved Rubik's cube in 0.38 seconds

10 March 2018, 05:46 | Jodi Jackson

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Rubik's Cube

The researchers used another savvy, albeit 'counterintuitive, ' trick that helped them solve the puzzle in record speed. "We noticed that all of the fast Rubik's Cube solvers were using stepper motors and thought that we could do better if we used better motors", Di Carlo wrote in a blog post.

The speed improvement over previous attempts came as a result of the pair's decision to use better motors than previous competitors (Kollmorgen ServoDisc U9-series motors, if you're a hardware nut).

The video below demonstrates the Rubik's cube in an unsolved position and after that the actuators bounce vigorously, slamming squares into place like some kind of crazed version of Will Smith's character in The Pursuit of Happyness.

"The machine can definitely go faster", Katz writes in a blog post, "but the tuning process is really time consuming". "It took tightening the cube way past what intuitively felt appropriate, in order to stop the camming action from happening". The algorithm used typically needs 19 to 23 moves to solve a cube. The creator also noted that several cubes were broken during their tuning process. According to the duo, the data provided by their tests suggest that the robot could complete the puzzle within 0.25 seconds.

Every movement of the robot takes just 15 milliseconds.

Its time of 0.637 seconds beat the previous world record of 0.887 seconds, set by an earlier prototype of the same machine.

It appears that the outer sides of the cube tend to shift outward due to the speed of the motors. Once slowed down to.03 times regular speed, the Rubik's Cube can be seen shattering.

The machine is so fast that not all the cubes survived the experiment. The record time was set during a 21-move solution.

To compare, Patrick Ponce, a "speedcubing" enthusiast, completed the puzzle in just 4.69 seconds in 2017, which earned him a Guinness World record for a human player.

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