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Man forces son to run to school in the rain for bullying

07 March 2018, 02:29 | Melissa Porter

The boy's father made him run to school as punishment. Source Facebook Bryan Thornhill

The boy's father made him run to school as punishment. Source Facebook Bryan Thornhill

"Welcome to 'you better listen to your dad 2018.'" Thornhill says at the start of the video.

In fact, his account is deactivated.

The angry father added, "Therefore, he has to now run to school, we're right about one mile from the school so all week he's got the experience of running".

Thornhill revealed that the punishment worked, and Hayden has been better-behaved since he began running to school. Keeping up a running commentary throughout, he explained that the youngster had been caught bullying on the school bus, and was consequently suspended for three days. Teachers have approved of his behavior this week.

Mr Thornhill pictured with his two children.

While the original video has already been taken down, Thornhill also shared videos of his son's second and third runs along with advice for parents both for and against his viewpoint on discipline. That video, too, is no longer available.

"I can't lock them in my safe like I can guns".

"Teach your child a lesson". One commenter wrote, "Sometimes tough love is the answer", while another called it "disgusting".

The videos received pushback, as well, before they were removed from Facebook.

Another wrote: "It's great to see a parent who's NOT afraid to correct/punish their child when needed & deserved". It was raining and the kid had to run a mile.

Bryan Thornhill posted the video online and it has now gone viral.

Thornhill also noted the 10-year-old is an athlete and has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.

He said he's used creative punishments in the past. "I've always joked, 'He'll either be fast or obedient.' So far, we're working on fast".

'I just wanted to show everybody and give you a good little laugh, ' Thornhill said. The father advocated for "old school, simple parenting" in several Facebook videos that show the boy running, The Raycom News Network (RNN) reports.

"I bet you this kid grows up to understand actions and consequences, but more importantly, respect for others", on Facebooker said.

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