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Xcel Energy sending employees to help with power restoration in Puerto Rico

13 January 2018, 03:03 | Erica Roy

JetBlue marks 100-day milestone of hurricane relief program in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico launches bid to become 51st state

Puerto Rico's more than three million residents are USA citizens, with no obstacles to living and working on the mainland.

Triangle hospitals are dealing with a shortage of fluids to help treat sick patients.

"Per the agency, some 100 days after the storm, approximately 76,000 residents in the United States commonwealth now rely on drinking water that might be contaminated with raw sewage", Color Lines reported.

"Puerto Rico is an American territory and we deserve the same treatment as Texas, Florida, and any other state", Arce said.

East Tennessee hospitals say they're feeling the impact of a saline-solution shortage that has been worsened by Hurricane Maria.

Months after Hurricane Maria, many in Puerto Rico are still living in devastation and many businesses are struggling to catch up, including a medical supply company that serves hospitals nationwide. As Puerto Rico's power grid is restored, Baxter International factories, which make the nutrient solutions and saline bags, was reconnected before Christmas.

Patel said a team at Duke met to discuss the shortage.and to devise a solution.

Thompson said Freeman does the same and, like other hospitals across the country, has been more careful to use IV fluids only when necessary.

Freeman and Mercy Hospital Joplin have been able to manage the shortage through a combination of finding other suppliers and usage tactics. "People are doing things to preserve their supply".

"We have seen an increase in the number of flu cases compared to previous year". As UNC Health Care has expanded to 13 hospitals across the state, sharing information and resources across a larger system has helped us with various strategies that benefit a bigger population of patients.

"Everything is hard to get because people are getting whatever they can", said Deborah Sadowski, director of pharmacy services at Deborah Heart and Lung Center, a specialized hospital in southern New Jersey.

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