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James Franco Invites Tommy Wiseau Onstage, But Doesn't Let Him Speak

13 January 2018, 03:27 | Myron Mathis

Brothers Dave and James Franco star as two friends who make a terrible movie in The Disaster Artist- New Line Cinema

Brothers Dave and James Franco star as two friends who make a terrible movie in The Disaster Artist- New Line Cinema

The Disaster Artist is also nominated for Best Picture, Comedy or Musical. She added, "I 100% did not feel like I had a choice to say no", calling out the 39-year-old actor/director for allegedly failing to give actresses speaking roles unless the part involved nudity.

He said to his best friend Greg 'Golden Globes?

James was already making headlines for his freakish speech, which began with the actor denying Tommy Wiseau - the man he portrays in The Disaster Artist - a chance to speak after inviting him up on stage. "I'm not invited,"' Franco channeled his award-winning performance. "Cute #TimesUp pin James Franco", she wrote on Twitter, pointing out the apparent irony of him wearing a "Time's Up" pin. So I show them. "I'm very happy to share this moment with him today'". Forcing Wiseau away with the back of his hand, Franco dismissed the film's entire goal and premise that he had so often reiterated in interviews, that The Disaster Artist was a true homage to the vision of a eccentric, determined (albeit often misguided), auteur. "I don't wait for Hollywood, I make my own movie!"

In his signature sunglasses, Wiseau immediately reached for the microphone before Franco playfully (?) swatted him away. "So, it wasn't like he was pretending to be Tommy, but it was like James using Tommy's speech pattern and accent".

"The Room" director/star/writer/producer Tommy Wiseau had the best time at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, where he was finally recognized for something good.

James admitted in the winners' room backstage that he hadn't originally planned on bringing Tommy on stage if he won.

Chalking up his actions to "bad judgment", Franco concluded: 'In my position, not only do I have to go through the embarrassing rituals of meeting someone, but sometimes it gets published for the world'. "I won the the award, I'm talking", laughed another.

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