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'Detective Pikachu' and its gravel-voiced gumshoe are coming to the West

13 January 2018, 04:53 | Jodi Jackson

Detective Pikachu is the newest confirmed Nintendo amiibo in months

Detective Pikachu Finally Comes West This March

It includes all of the content from Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo, which first launched in Japan in 2016.

The Pokemon Company has announced that 3DS crime caper Detective Pikachu will launch in the United States and Europe on March 23, some two years after its original Japanese debut. The trailer makes it clear that this isn't Ash's Pikachu, but a totally different Pikachu altogether which makes it much less confusing/uncomfortable-but definitely not less jarring. This Pikachu may not be quite as powerful as the other pikachus (pikas chu?), but he's not afraid of a fight.

On his way, Tim meets the witty and sly Pikachu, who claims to have worked for Harry and is also looking for him. If we have to put up with a Detective Pikachu movie starring Ryan Reynolds, we should have the game, at the very least. Discovering how Tim's father disappeared is the main part of the story but you'll be able to investigate various mysteries along the way.

Detective Pikachu is the newest confirmed Nintendo amiibo in months

Update: A new trailer with English voice acting has been released.

There's also be a giant-sized amiibo to be released alongside it, that will give you instant access to in-game cut scenes, instead of having to unlock them normally by playing the game. Are you excited to play Detective Pikachu this March? We choose you to share your thoughts in the comment section below! It has a little raised bump that highlight's Pikachu's snout. For someone like me who constantly uses hints in puzzle games, the amiibo's functionality is a godsend.

After almost two years of waiting, hoping, and plenty of memes, Detective Pikachu is finally getting a Western release. At just under 14 centimeters tall, it's nearly double the size of the Super Smash Bros.-edition Pikachu Amiibo.

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