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Mother of H&M Model Says "Get Over It" to Critics

12 January 2018, 10:04 | Jodi Jackson

Mother of H&M Model Says "Get Over It" to Critics

Man U star striker Lukaku hits back at H&M racist hoodie

In case you missed it, a controversial issue was made in the music/fashion world earlier this week when clothing giant, H&M, released pictures of a black boy wearing a hoodie with the words "coolest monkey in the jungle" inscribed on it as part of their kid's catalogue.

Since the rise in reaction, the photos have been taken down. "I'm certain there will Be media fixers and whatnot and maybe a grand gesture like a donation to some charity (donations under these circumstances are the corporate version #SomeOfMyBestFriendsAre move if there ever was one) all this tells me about @HM is that the seats in the boardroom lack something.wanna take a guess?".

As per reports, H&M's USA website doesn't have the green jumper anymore but the United Kingdom site still has it for sale. For a company that has such a long reach globally, H&M has a responsibility to make sure that it is being culturally sensitive and not creating images that bring up racist stereotypes should be PR 101. We have taken down the image and we have removed the garment.

In a separate post she added: "Everyone is entitled to their opinion".

So... we're eleven days into the New Year but already 2018 has kicked off with a whole new host of entertainment scandals (*cough* Logan Paul *cough*) and more relevant to this article, PR disasters: that's right H&M, we're looking at you.

George wrote on Twitter: "That obviously isn't meant to be racist".

Taking to Instagram, the rapper explained while he was initially excited about his new partnership with the H&M clothing line, that quickly changed once he saw the aforementioned advertisement that stirred quite the controversy. Diddy wrote on his Instagram post.

LeBron James fumed on social media: "U got us all wrong!"

He then wrote: 'You're prince soon to be a king.

This is the kind of thing that lets you know that no people of color were around or consulted in the marketing of this product. "We will continue the discussion with The Weeknd and his team separately". It comes after The Weeknd said he was "shocked, embarrassed and deeply offended" by the advert. The image showed a version of the boy with a crown on his head with an updated slogan on his hoodie which read, "Coolest king in the world".

Twitter user, Selene Arianela tweeted comparing the image to a white boy modeling a "survival expert" hoodie, which didn't seem to make matters any better for H&M.

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