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Sleeping Less May Lead To Poor Diet: Says Study

11 January 2018, 03:28 | Melissa Porter

Sleeping Less May Lead To Poor Diet: Says Study

Sleeping Less May Lead To Poor Diet: Says Study

The statistics also implied, but this protracted sleep could have been of the lower grade than the control class and investigators think an amount of adjustment to some new pattern might be required.

Sleep-deprived people who manage to spend more time in bed change to a healthier diet, according to researchers at King's College London. We have shown that sleeping customs can also be changed using relative simplicity in healthy older people utilizing a lively approach.

Keep drinking water. Dehydration is the primary cause of "shallow" sleep, so while you don't want to wake up needing the loo, take on enough fluids to stop yourself waking up thirsty.

The researchers also noticed trends for reduced intake of total carbohydrates reported by the sleep extension group.

There is also evidence to suggest that getting too little sleep, or poor sleep, may be linked to weight gain.

"The fact that extending sleep led to a reduction in intake of free sugars, by which we mean the sugars that are added to foods by manufacturers or in cooking at home, as well as sugars in honey, syrups and fruit juice, suggests that a simple change in lifestyle may really help people to consume healthier diets", Wendy Hall of King's College London, and senior author of the study, explains. While one group received advice on improving their sleeping habits, another group was left without any expert intervention.

This, in turn, significantly reduces the risk of obesity and cardio-metabolic problems such as strokes, diabetes and heart disease.

Having an extra sleep of 20 minutes could help cut the intake of unhealthy sugars to 1/3 daily.

From the study, 42 healthy people of normal weight were brought; half given time to sleep well while others left to sleep for less than 7 hours.

The team found that, of those who were given the advice, 86 per cent spent more time in bed, and around half than they used to. "This further strengthens the link between short sleep and poorer quality diets that has already been observed by previous studies", added lead researcher Haya Al Khatib.

They found that extending sleep resulted in a 9.6g reduction in the reported intake of free sugars compared to those in the other group.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, looked at the impact of increasing sleep hours on nutrient intake. 3 participants achieved a weekly average over the recommended seven to eight months.

The group increased their time in bed by 1.5 hours - and were told to avoid caffiene before bed, establish a relaxing routine and to try not to go to bed to full or hungry.

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