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Hyperkin is working on a standalone Game Boy remake

11 January 2018, 03:28 | Jodi Jackson

Hyperkin is working on a standalone Game Boy remake

Hyperkin is working on a standalone Game Boy remake

The Ultra GB shares a similar design to the Game Boy Pocket, but it's built with an aluminum body and a front-lit screen.

IT'S RESPAWN TIME for the venerable Game Boy, but Nintendo won't be involved in bringing back the much-loved handheld console.

Tech site Gizmodo were the first to break the news about the return of the Game Boy and they say that the reboot product is now being called the Ultra Game Boy while it's in the process of development.

Shown to Gizmodo at CES 2018, the Ultra Game Boy mimics the form and function of Nintendo's hit 1990s handheld. The company, if you recall, developed a Game Boy-like mobile accessory for Android smartphones after an April Fools' Day gag in 2015 generated far more attention than the company could have hoped for. Though it might not ultimately be called that (it's being produced independently from Nintendo), it looks to be a sleek, sturdy device that'll finally allow you to break out your old Pokemon Red and Super Mario Land cartridges again. With the NES and the SNES Classic Mini proving immensely popular, it's unsurprising that fans are wondering which classic console will be re-released next. First of all, there's a third dial that allows you to adjust the backlit LCD display, which wasn't possible on the first several Game Boy models.

To that end, as well as having a full aluminium case to better prevent the nicks and dings the original was a magnet for, the Ultra Game Boy has a number of other mod cons. The Ultra Game Boy's dual stereo speakers have also been upgraded to include connections for left and right audio output. It will, instead, play all original Game Boy cartridges and possibly Game Boy Color carts as well.

Hyperkin is intending to market the final product at less than $100 by the time it arrives late Northern Summer, according to the report.

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