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Astronomical oops: Japanese astronaut didn't grow nine centimetres after all

10 January 2018, 06:27 | Justin Tyler

Astronomical oops: Japanese astronaut didn't grow nine centimetres after all

金井 宣茂 on Twitter:

I grew like some plant in just three weeks, nothing like this since I was a junior high school student.

While growth is temporary and astronauts revert to their normal height when they slip the bonds of space and return home, the height difference must be accounted for when figuring the dimensions of spacesuits, stations and vehicles.

Stretching of the spine also happens every night to some degree as, when you lie down, gravity isn't pushing down on your vertebrae.

Mr Kanai said he was anxious that he wouldn't fit in his spacecraft on his return home. I have a major announcement today. Since coming to space, I have grown 9 centimeters.

"I'm a bit relieved as I'll probably fit into the Soyuz back home", he said.

"Nine centimetres is a lot, but it is possible, knowing that every human body is different".

This is the first space mission for the Japanese astronaut who was previously a diving medical officer with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

The Soyuz MS-07 rocket is launched with Expedition 54 Soyuz Commander Anton Shkaplerov of Roscosmos, flight engineer Scott Tingle of NASA, and flight engineer Norishige Kanai of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency on December 17, 2017 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

'There's a range of growth for different people, and everybody responds differently'.

The Soyuz spacecraft which takes the astronauts from and to Earth has a limit on seating height.

"So I'm now too tall to fly in space. and that's without slipper-socks".

An astronaut claims that he has grown by three inches in just three weeks on the Space Station - and is now concerned he won't be able to return to Earth.

A Japanese astronaut has tweeted of his confusion after growing a massive 9cm (3 inches) during while in space. There's a very real problem with astronauts experiencing premature aging while in space, and this is usually controlled by limiting the length of time spent on the space station with relatively regular trips back down to Earth.

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