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Flu cases rose 9 folds in December

09 January 2018, 03:49 | Melissa Porter

Here's another reason to get flu shots every year

Influenza spreads in the US, situation in California is more severe

With kids going back to school, doctors say that could expose kids to the virus even more. San Diego County, with 7,314 confirmed cases, has had more than eight times the number seen this time past year.

During a telephone interview, Park urged people who come down with the flu to stay home from work, school and errands to protect babies who are too young to get vaccinated, elderly individuals who are at risk and people with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and asthma who are more vulnerable to complications than the general population.

In the March announcement for the 2017-2018 season in the northern hemisphere, the World Health Organization recommended trivalent vaccines that include A (H1N1) pdm09, A (H3N2), and B (Brisbane/Victoria lineage). Officials are recommending those who haven't received flu vaccines to do so.

State health officials recommend Delawareans to get a flu shot as soon as possible.

Jennifer Radtke, infection prevention manager at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, told The Associated Press this flu season may be worse than usual because this year's vaccine offers limited protection from the strain that is most prevalent.

"Influenza A and Influenza B. In the past, there's been a prevalence of one over the other". The other type of vaccine - called "trivalent" because it covers three strains of flu - "unfortunately" doesn't cover that B strain.

Melanie Amato, assistant director of communications for the Ohio Department of Health, said the large spike in numbers over a relatively short period of time can be attributed to several different factors, not all of them necessarily tied to the severity of the flu itself.

Along with plenty of rest and fluids, your doctor's office can prescribe an anti-viral to help you feel better, faster.

Seniors have been the worst-affected, accounting for the majority of hospitalizations and deaths.

At the Palomar Medical Center near San Diego, the new year ushered in a brutal flu season. There have been fewer than five pediatric deaths.

"Our county health departments are providing flu vaccines at no charge to patients, and flu shots are widely available from a number of other health care providers including primary care providers and pharmacies", Christian said. "Certainly we're seeing that in the hospital", he said.

First, get the vaccine - there's still time. "It's really common sense", Hassoun said. "I think many people would readily take that 10-per-cent reduction in risk just because this can be such a debilitating and severe illness".

Even as the stock market soared to record heights in 2017, managed care stocks performed far better than the average.

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