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Samsung 512GB eUFS Storage For Smartphones Goes Into Production

05 December 2017, 07:41 | Jodi Jackson

Samsung 512GB eUFS Storage For Smartphones Goes Into Production

Galaxy S9 could use Samsung’s new 512 GB UFS storage

The chips should also have applications in cars, laptops, tablets, and other devices that need power-efficient, high capacity storage.

There are a number of reasons why Samsung would want to rush to bake the 500GB+ non-removable chip into the Galaxy S9.

Samsung has announced that it is mass-producing the industry's first 512GB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) solution, leading many to believe that the Galaxy S9 will ship with the high-capacity module.

The 64-layer 512Gb V-NAND's advanced circuit design and new power management technology will potentially help the Galaxy S9 to exhibit better battery life.

Finally, Samsung noted that it intends to "steadily" increase production volume for its 64-layer 512Gb V-NAND chips, while continuing to expand its 256Gb V-NAND production.

Consisting of eight 64-layer 512Gb V-NAND chips and a controller chip, all stacked together, Samsung's new 512GB UFS doubles the density of Samsung's previous 48-layer V-NAND-based 256GB eUFS, in the same amount of space as the 256GB package. Today's handsets are capable of shooting 4K resolution videos, taking detailed photos, and playing increasingly larger and more complex games. Using UFS proved to be the right decision for Samsung, as it achieved much better performance than eMMC, which was predominantly used by Android phones at the time.

As for speed, Samsung says that the 512GB eUFS is able to offer read and write speeds of up to 860MB/s and 255MB/s, respectively. The company says that kind of transfer speed is more than eight times faster than a typical microSD card is capable of. Compare that to the 100 IOPS that conventional MicroSD cards read and you have about a 400x improvement in performance. No precise timeline of when these chips can be expected in mobile devices has been disclosed, beyond it being meant for upcoming flagship smartphones and tablets.

To maximize the performance and energy efficiency of the new 512GB eUFS, Samsung has introduced a new set of proprietary technologies.

So do not be surprised if flagship phones next year - maybe even the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note 9 - would top out at 512GB internal storage.

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