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Google bans ads on Android lock screen

02 December 2017, 05:17 | Jodi Jackson

The Datally app provides you the information on the consumption of bandwidth

The Datally app provides you the information on the consumption of bandwidth

Data packs are the most prized possession on your phone because more than half of our apps require us to make use of the net.

One of the significant features of this it has a button at the top of the app that will show you for stopping all the background data usage, so that the active apps on the screen will only use the mobile-data. Meanwhile, apps that collect and transmit data unrelated to the main functionality will have to "prominently highlight how the user data will be used and have the user provide affirmative consent for such use". Want to download the app? Almost most of the app's functions are already built directly into the Android. Developers can also request an app review using this article on App verification and appeals, which contains guidance applicable to apps in both Google Play and non-Play app stores.

Similarly, the app will enable users to have individual control over data consumed by each app, and shut it off as well if needed.

The best part about the app - which was never available in Android settings - is its ability to block an app from using the data.

Google is taking aim at the "next billion" internet users with a way to stop smartphone apps from needlessly burning through costly mobile data allowances. Google designed Datally to help users see their mobile data usage patterns via graphs and usage highlights so they are better informed on how to save on their data bills.

"Those living on Wi-Fi or with large data plans may not notice, but for many users around the world data is like money to them so they budget it". The app takes 6MB space in your phone but instead, helps save quite a few GBs of data till the end of the month.

While smartphones seemed ubiquitous, it was common for them to be in "airplane mode", severing connections to networks out of fear of runaway mobile data costs, according to product manager Josh Woodward. The app is going to be the best way to fight the excess data usage issues.

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