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Emergency plan for migrants in Libya

02 December 2017, 08:20 | Justin Tyler

Emergency plan for migrants in Libya

Emergency plan for migrants in Libya

King Mohammed VI urged action on migration, calling on African countries to "shoulder their responsibilities in terms of guaranteeing the rights and dignity of African migrants on their soil", and for a change in European policy to overcome mistrust of migration in order to develop effective solutions.

Former Ivorian global Didier Drogba met with French President, Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of the 5th African Union (A.U.) and European Union (E.U.) Summit now underway in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Kagame, who led an African Union Institutional reform exercise after it was accorded to him by fellow heads of State, told the Summit that one of the ongoing reform processes is a new partnership with Europe.

"Together the European Union, the United Nations through the IOM, we have made a decision to set up a task force to act now, to at least repatriate the 3,800", he said.

Mahamat says he's been told there are 42 more camps, some with even more desperate captives. There are definitely more than that.

Nigeria's government said on Twitter that 242 Nigerian migrants returned home from Libya on Tuesday and that more than 4,000 stranded there have "safely retuned home" this year.

Young leaders from Africa and Europe gathered at the Youth Summit on 9-11 October in Abidjan, and their work intensified in the context of the AU-EU Youth Plugin-Initiative.

But it was largely overshadowed by the shock TV footage aired two weeks ago by United States network CNN of black Africans sold as slaves in Libya, prompting protests in many countries and demands for action.

The EU said the summit will address a commitment to preparing young people for job opportunities by investing in education, science and skills development.

European Union Summit took place on 29-30 November in Abidjan, under the overarching theme of Youth.

Concerning development aid, the European Union said it will reach €31 billion, by 2020, to "give youth the opportunity to prosper in their country of origin".

In some cases they could be given asylum in Europe, he added.

France would use its military presence in the region to help break up trafficking networks, but the plan would not involve sending French troops into Libya, Macron said at a press conference in Ghana on Thursday.

European Union countries, meanwhile, will finance the repatriation of migrants from Libya, a process that is already being organized by the International Organization for Migration, they said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, before starting meetings, advocated to generate legal options for young Africans in general to prepare and study in Europe and thus avoid business with human beings in Libya.

AU and other critics have accused the European Union of creating conditions for the slave trade as well as rape and torture of migrants by encouraging Libya's Government of National Accord (GNA), which is UN-backed, to detain migrants and stop them from coming to Europe.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that "it's very important that we simply support Africans to put a stop to illegal migration, so people don't have to either suffer in terrible camps in Libya or are even being traded".

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