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Exploding Camera Battery Caused Panic and Delays at Orlando Airport

14 November 2017, 03:52 | Kelvin Horton

Exploding battery in bag causes brief panic at OIA

Traffic heavy at OIA after lithium-ion battery explosion cancels 24 flights

As the passengers were running from the Checkpoint one of our TSA officers heard the explosion and saw the smoking bag.

The incident, which occurred at the Orlando airport late Friday afternoon and captured on video, shows TSA officer Ricardo Perez grabbing the smoking bag and placing it between two pillars in a courageous attempt to avert disaster.

Lithium-ion batteries are allowed in carry-on luggage, however electronics that use them such as laptops, smartphones and cameras must be screened separately from passenger's bags.

Security official Ricardo Perez bravely grabbed the suspicious bag and moved it away from crowds of passengers, The Sun reports.

"When I picked up that bag, I did think, 'Yep, this is it", Perez told WESH 2.

If the classic non-photographer nightmare is showing up for the first day of school in your underwear, then the underwater shooter version is probably having your camera batteries catch fire at the airport.

The loud event also led to panic throughout the airport, with some believing the noise generated by the incident - along with the sound of the stanchions falling in the wake of the scared passegners - were from gunfire.

Brown said the entire screening took a total of 6.5 hours to clear all gates: "Much of the delay stemmed from a lack of gate space for returning aircraft and aircraft that needed to be moved/relocated", he said.

Afterwards, it turned out the smoke was coming from an exploded battery but the TSA says Perez should be credited nonetheless.

The incident did not pose any danger to people at the airport, the department's Twitter post said.

After an investigation, the battery responsible for the incident was reported to have been a camera battery, which is legal aboard flights.

Lithium batteries have been known to explode before, and as of June, it was reported that there had been at least 17 lithium-ion related incidents on planes this year.

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