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Mafia 3 runs at 1728p on Xbox One X with improved graphics

10 November 2017, 09:56 | Jodi Jackson

Mafia 3 runs at 1728p on Xbox One X with improved graphics

Mafia 3 runs at 1728p on Xbox One X with improved graphics

AC Origins has been put to the test on both the Xbox One X (Amazon, $499.99) and PS4 Pro, but to what extent does Microsoft's new console offer the best experience. It'll be interesting to monitor these blog posts in the coming weeks, as they'll nearly certainly be going further into detail on what other improvements will be found when playing on the upgraded hardware.

CD Projekt RED is working on a 4K patch for the Xbox One X that is said to come "by the end of the year". We've seen a lot of questions about whether or not Destiny 2 would scale to meet the potential of new hardware.

On December 5, along with the launch of Curse of Osiris and Season Two, we'll be deploying an update to Destiny 2 that will deliver stunning gameplay with high dynamic range (HDR) lighting to these new consoles.

One unfortunate side note about the pre-patch version of The Witcher 3 is that it only plays at a resolution of 1600x900 so if you want to enjoy 60fps on the One X then you're going to have to make the small sacrifice in resolution.

Just last month, Sony's PlayStation 4 officially sold 67 million worldwide whilst Microsoft hasn't released official sale records since 2013, when PlayStation outsold the original Xbox One.

Mafia 3 will soon have an Xbox One X enhanced patch pushed out, with developer Hangar 13 recently talking about what resolution the game renders at on the Xbox One X, and whether there will be HDR patches for other platforms.

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