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Could an Apple augmented-reality headset replace the iPhone?

10 November 2017, 03:05 | Jodi Jackson

Could an Apple augmented-reality headset replace the iPhone?

Apple's new AR headset will have its own display and will run on a new chip as well as an operating system

With Apple's ever-growing interest in augmented reality (AR) and Tim Cook's mentioning that "AR the next big idea like a smartphone", earlier hints that Apple may launch an AR headset in the near future.

"We are already seeing things that will transform the way you work, play, connect and learn".

It has been quite some time since Apple is rumoured to be working on an augmented reality headset.

The headset will reportedly run an adjusted version of Apple's iOS operating system called "rOS" (reality operating system). Led by Mike Rockwell, who previously ran engineering at Dolby Labs, the group has now grown to several hundred engineers from across Apple, the people said. They work in the offices of Cupertino and Sunnyvale, California, developing several hardware and software projects under the code name "T288".

Cook said in an interview last month that quality AR headsets or glasses are not there yet technologically.

As with previous products, Apple isn't waiting around for someone else to create a chip capable of powering its AR headset. Also mentioned is that Geoff Stahl, a former software manager for games and graphics at Apple is also one of the directors of rOS. It is looking for options such as touch panels, voice-activation, Siri and maybe head gestures. Apple also invested $200 million in Corning in May as part of a $1 billion commitment to strengthen US manufacturing.

Testing is being done internally on the HTC Vive and a device that uses an iPhone screen but is similar to a Samsung Gear VR, per the report.

With the headset at least two years away, Apple wants to make it easier for developers to bring new AR features to the iPhone. The two companies said at the time that the investment was meant to support Corning's research and development as well as capital equipment needs and glass processing capabilities.

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