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North Korea's Official Newspaper Cites US Senator Bob Corker to Attack Trump

09 November 2017, 03:57 | Jodi Jackson

North Korea's Official Newspaper Cites US Senator Bob Corker to Attack Trump

The only way to locate and destroy with complete certainty all components of North Korea's nuclear weapons program is through a ground invasion American military planners said on Saturday. North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un is seen in the above file

In September, North Korea claimed it had tested a powerful hydrogen bomb.

The United States should continue to ramp up "maximum pressure" on the Kim regime and seek diplomatic engagement where it makes sense, said Thae Yong-ho, who was deputy chief of mission at North Korea's embassy in London before he defected with his wife and two sons in 2016.

The new findings come just as Donald Trump embarks on his first tour of Asia which is seeing him visit South Korea.

'It is our intent to have a full public accounting of the potential cost of war, so the American people understand the commitment we would be making as a nation if we were to pursue military action, ' the lawmakers said.

The statement also hit at the administration for failing to "articulate any plans to prevent the military conflict from expanding beyond the Korean Peninsula and to manage what happens after the conflict is over".

If Trump's approach fails, the choices are to accept North Korea with the capability to destroy our cities or to destroy the North Korean capability to build the missiles and warheads.

'With that in mind, the thought of sending troops into harm's way and expending resources on another potentially unwinnable war is chilling.

Seoul has much warmer relations with Beijing, but at the same time it is nearly fully dependent on the "US military umbrella" in the view of the threat from the North, which the South regards as an "existential" one.

Trump did hint at a chance of diplomacy to resolve the standoff, but only if North Korea were to stop its provocative behavior, quit developing ballistic missiles, and agree to "complete, verifiable, and total" denuclearization.

'Every once in a while, in the past, they underestimated us.

"The US must oust the lunatic old man from power and withdraw the hostile policy towards the DPRK at once in order to get rid of the abyss of doom".

"We know that some of that activity is continuing, and we're going to work closely with the Chinese to identify that activity and end it", he said.

"A nonpartisan report by the Congressional Research Service indicates conflict on the peninsula could impact as many as 25 million people on either side of the border, including more than 100,000 USA citizens".

When playing out hypothetical war scenarios in case armed conflict were to break out, the Pentagon "estimated the potential number of dead in South Korea at 20,000 each day", retired general Rob Givens told the Los Angeles Times.

"The prospect of the North Koreans actually denuclearizing is near zero", said Michael Hayden, a former head of the Central Intelligence Agency and the NSA. "They are the ones who have been saying they're unwilling to talk about nuclear weapons; that that's not on the table".

While repeatedly calling for dialogue to resolve the issue, China has also signed up for increasingly tough United Nations sanctions against North Korea.

China accounts for about 90% of North Korea's trade, a vital lifeline for North Korea's small and sealed-off economy.

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