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Google Chrome gets a new update to kill annoying redirects and popups

09 November 2017, 01:05 | Justin Tyler

Google Chrome gets a new update to kill annoying redirects and popups

Google Chrome gets a new update to kill annoying redirects and popups

To fight back against websites and dodgy third-party elements that do this (the latter often without the site owner's knowledge), Chrome update version 64 will introduce a blocking mechanism that recognises and stops unexpected redirects.

This isn't an uncommon experience on many websites, but there are some which use this as an opportunity to redirect the original page to another, less legitimate website.

Finally, from January, Google will boost Chrome's pop up blocker to ensure pages that redirect users via fake play/close window buttons no longer have the power to up new tabs or windows. While this might seem great, Google's automatic update system doesn't always work.

While Google is yet to roll out the new ways to protect you from different website redirects, your Chrome browser can give some protection even today. On Chrome 64, now in the Dev and Canary channels, there is a message informing you that a redirect was blocked. "This allows the user to continue directly to their intended destination, while also preserving the context of the page they came from", Schoen explained.

Secondly, Google is set to block a redirection that brings an unwanted page alongside opening the desired destination in a new tab. Last month, Google have added a number of anti-virus features to Chrome browser for Windows. There are many ad-blocker Apps, software or extensions available on the web but more or less they only control a lesser percentage of ads. The latest development will become available as a part of Chrome 64, which is now available in the Canary and Dev channels, and will be available to the masses sometime in early 2018.

The company is launching an Abusive Experiences Report in its Google Search Console in an attempt to have site owners remove the sort of behaviour targeted.

Google Chrome is going to war against low-quality ads and autoplaying content with sound next year. However, "abusive experiences left unaddressed for 30 days will trigger the prevention of new windows and tabs". So Google has to plan something more useful for this matter.

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