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N.Korea's Key 'Rocket Men' Absent from Major Events

14 October 2017, 12:42 | Erica Roy

EPA•REUTERSTrump claims that while he listens to others his opinion is what matters

EPA•REUTERSTrump claims that while he listens to others his opinion is what matters

Despite earlier comments, Trump also said Friday that he's "open" to negotiation.

The nuclear-powered submarine MI arrived at the South Korean port of Busan on Friday.

This comes after the president threatened to destroy North Korea before shouting down Rex Tillerson's diplomatic attempts a "waste of time".

Ri Yong Ho, Pyongyang's foreign minister, hit out at the US President and said the tensions will not be settled with words. But North Korea's latest messaging indicates the regime may be ready to carry out what would be its most provocative missile test to date - firing four missiles over Japan and landing around 30 to 40 kilometers (18 to 25 miles) off the coast of the tiny island. He said the North Korean threat is "manageable" for now.

Trump's remarks appeared to have spooked North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un after his army was spotted shifting 30 Scud missiles from Hwangju, south of Pyongyang to Nampo - in the west of the country.

However many will suggest Trump is responsible for the rise in tension with North Korea, given the hawkish rhetoric he has adopted since taking over from Obama.

North Korea has made similar threats against the United States for decades.

"There's little chance that Ri and Kim have been dismissed or purged because they've been praised for major achievements recently", a staffer of a government-funded think tank here said. The nuclear-armed vessel offers the USA fleet "unprecedented strike and special operation mission capabilities from a stealthy, clandestine platform", a Pacific Fleet statement says, adding that it carries "tactical missiles", "superior communications capabilities" and provides assistance to special operation forces missions.

By all indications, another North Korean provocation is inevitable - perhaps imminent.

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