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'He used me as a cocaine platter'

12 October 2017, 01:52 | Charlene Valdez

Lynne Sladky The Associated Press

Lynne Sladky  The Associated Press

The video showed the longtime National Football League coach inhaling a white substance through a rolled up $20 bill.

Multiple sources identified the man in the video as Foerster, who is seen using a $20 bill to snort the powdery substance off a table.

"I want him to get help", Nig'e said. "I'm kind of in a wait-and-see mode and a year ago, we went to the Baltimore game and I was told he was not going to play for a couple of weeks and he played on that Sunday", Gase said.

Gase said he's known Foerster since 2008, when they both worked for the 49ers.

"I want him to get help", Sherrod said during an interview with Las Vegas' ABC affiliate, Action 13 News.

The Miami Dolphins have hired Dave DeGuglielmo as a senior offensive assistant. "He's mad at himself but you know, it's unfortunate".

"[Foerster] was calling for entertainment", Nige said.

DeGuglielmo previously coached the Miami offensive line from 2009-11.

DeGuglielmo, known as "The Guge" during his time in New England, was born in Cambridge and raised in Lexington, where the undersized 5-foot-7 center anchored the high school team's offensive line.

The woman who released the Foerster video, Kijuana Nige Sherrod, said in a Facebook post that she did so to highlight racial inequality.

"Have I seen him do cocaine myself?" she said. "But he spoke to me about other people".

After posting the video, however, Nige says she received threats from Foerster, telling her not to even consider sharing the video or any information about it.

Gase's response: "To me, it was an isolated incident". And he's doing a good job today of just seeing little things.

After the organization accepted Foerster's resignation Monday, following the Dolphins' 16-10 victory of the Titans Sunday, the team released a statement - which Foerster blasted as "holding his hand", asserting that now Foerster will find another job as Colin Kaepernick doesn't.

Was Ross angry or disappointed in the latest scandal? "The thing that's kind of the steps that we're taking is we win the game and the fact that guys are disappointed because they want to do better, they want to make sure that we're making strides to where the deeper the season goes, we get better". But I think about you when I do it.

"Some of it is just watching [Nick] Saban over a seven-year period", Gase said.

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