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YouTube bans videos showing how to add a bump stock to rifles

10 October 2017, 06:57 | Myron Mathis

Get gangsters with guns off YouTube, says Met

YouTube bans videos showing how to add a bump stock to rifles

A bump stock device alters a gun to make it fire in a similar fashion to a fully automatic weapon.

YouTube announced Tuesday that it is banning certain gun modification tutorials in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting. He killed at least 58 people and injured over 500, which is considered to be one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern USA history.

A quick search of YouTube shows many videos related to bump stocks, but all of them in an informative, demonstrative, or otherwise non-DIY way.

"We have long had a policy against harmful and risky content", a YouTube spokesperson said in a statement.

YouTube is banning videos that show viewers how to modify guns to make them more deadly like bump stocks, one week after the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas. The company updated its community guidelines to reflect the policy change, The Telegraph reported earlier. Yet hours after the announcement, the site still hosted numerous videos showing how to install and use the devices. It often requires quite some time for censors to review and remove content from the site due to the sheer number of videos to wade through.

While Facebook apologized for promoting fake news about the shooting, YouTube has now taken down videos, which provides users instructions on gun modification.

Semi-automatic weapons are legal to purchase in the US.

Stephan Paddock, the gunman who was the cause of that tragic incident, used bump stock in his weapon which resulted in the death of 59 people and several other hundreds were injured.

Fully legal under current USA law, bump stocks are an cheap way to allow a semi-automatic rifle to operate similarly to a fully automatic weapon that would be hard for regular citizens to obtain.

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