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Microsoft's Cortana assistant is coming to your chats in Skype for Android

10 October 2017, 08:18 | Jodi Jackson

Cortana's listed as a Skype bot, so you can ask the assistant questions or engage in a conversation without leaving Skype. (Or, as more cynical types out there might argue, Cortana will be constantly eavesdropping on your conversations and will butt in from time to time to annoy you).

Cortana will also detect when someone is talking about scheduling events or things to do and will recommend setting up a reminder, which a user will receive on all their devices that have enabled Cortana. The second scenario lets you talk directly to Cortana. It's available to iOS and Android users in the United States starting today.

READ NEXT:Microsoft launches $3.5m search for startups innovating in AI The company's expanding the scope of its assistant to include more platforms. This device will see Microsoft enter the increasingly competitive smart home market, an indication of its commitment to Cortana's future.

As shown in Microsoft's FAQ for the service, once you've okayed Cortana to access your texts and location she'll suggest appropriate responses in chats ...

You can already count on a dash of AI assistance in some mobile messaging apps, whether it's Google Assistant in Allo or the smart replies you find across iOS.

In addition, Cortana is being added to your Skype as a contact you can message directly, if you choose.

The integration has now only rolled out in the U.S.to both Android and iOS platforms.

Finally, you can actually chat directly with Cortana herself (itself?) and ask questions like what the weather forecast is looking like for the weekend, or asking for suggestions for the best places to eat that are nearby. The launch follows an unpopular overhaul of the app that reinvented it as a modern consumer-focused Snapchat clone.

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