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OnePlus 5 goes out of stock on United Kingdom store - OnePlus 6 incoming?

09 October 2017, 04:10 | Justin Tyler

Leaked OnePlus 5T render shows 6-inch 18:9 display, November release rumoured

OnePlus 5 goes out of stock on UK store – OnePlus 6 incoming?

OnePlus is being rumoured to skip its OnePlus 3T successor, being tipped as the OnePlus 5T, and directly launch the OnePlus 6. If it was the 5T, it would have looked like the OnePlus 5 with some improvements to the hardware.

In the meantime, the regular OnePlus 5 seems to be out of stock in several countries such as Canada and the U.S. Many other countries have listed the Slate Gray variant of the smartphone as out of stock.

As of now there aren't much details available about the upcoming alleged model OnePlus 5T. Well, we shouldn't forget that OPPO is the parent company of OnePlus.

O2 however, the exclusive network for the OnePlus 5, still has stock according to its website. However, it is known that OnePlus is working hard on getting the OnePlus 6 off the ground.

Other than that, expect the phone to continue with a dual lens camera, given the success of the model on the OnePlus 5.

We think they're sticking with the headphone jack though.

The OnePlus 5 was only released in June a year ago, but the phone is already out of stock on the United Kingdom and USA stores starting speculation there may be a new phone just around the corner from the Chinese company.

Rumours around the OnePlus 6 have slowly started emerging online.

Previous year also, OnePlus launched the OnePlus 3T just 5 months after the flagship OnePlus 3. The reason given for this is that since last year launched the OnePlus 3T with an improved processor and better front-facing camera, this year the firm has nothing new to incorporate. The OnePlus 2 followed in July 2015, and the OnePlus 3 emerged in June 2016.

The series has undergone some serious price hikes since its debut in 2014, jumping from £229 to £450 in three years. In a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Pei suggested the company could consider making a smartphone that costs over $800 (~£612). Despite the fact, it isn't yet confirmed what OnePlus' expectations in regards to the OnePlus 5 are sooner rather than later.

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