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Here is How You Can Get Started With WhatsApp for Business

09 October 2017, 02:06 | Justin Tyler

WhatsApp Business features come to light, will be launched as a standalone app

WhatsApp Business features come to light standalone app likely

The app was officially announced nearly a month back along with the information that WhatsApp is testing the app with select small businesses in India. According to a report on AndroidPolice, while the APK for WhatsApp Business is listed on APKMirror, users can only try this out if WhatsApp has approved their business for testing.

The report also shares the Google Play link for WhatsApp Business, but notes users will only be able to see the listing if they are part of the private beta programme, for which access is granted if users answer a survey and are accepted.

For now, the Whatsapp Business app has been made available for download as an APK file and is being presently tested by the early testers.

The user just has to tap the vertically aligned three dots in the top right corner Business Settings Statistics. This feature will not intermix their personal and business conversations. The company has already stated that they will charge businesses since they will provide services designed specifically for them, such as auto responses, analytics, chat migration and more.

First of all, you need to download WhatsApp Business app.

Where to Download the WhatsApp Business App?

With the separation of personal and business accounts, user will be able to work efficiently, as he/she will be able to focus on replying to consumer request, while they can ignore messages from friends and family, which most of the time, are distractive (ex: amusing quotes/videos) in nature.

Users need to register for the WhatsApp Business app, and then they need to transfer all the business contacts to the WhatsApp Business app.

Users can also register a landline number for WhatsApp Business. If the users want to use both regular app and the Business app at the same time on the same phone, they need to ensure that the number they are using on both apps are separate from each other.

The Whatsapp for Business app will function someway similar to the normal Whatsapp app. In a market like India, this landline number feature would turn out to be really useful for the small businesses and enterprises, owing to their dependency on landlines. You can include location, categories/tags, a brief description of your business, an email address, and websites (one or many). This will separate all the personal conversation, and one can use it for all business objective. You can also customize the response they should receive when you are not available. It will be best for small business owners like me because I can manage things in better way.

The Business version of WhatsApp will be quite different. Last scenario where the business owner uses two phones, one for his personal account and the other account for his business is the ideal way for the user to keep both his accounts separate.

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