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Fresh Battery Report Sends Apple Stock Into The Red Again

08 October 2017, 10:57 | Justin Tyler

Apple's iPhone 8 Plus now has to share the top spot with the Galaxy Note 8 in DxOMark's smartphone camera rankings. Image Sarah Tew CNET

Apple's iPhone 8 Plus now has to share the top spot with the Galaxy Note 8 in DxOMark's smartphone camera rankings.               Image Sarah Tew  CNET

Apple is facing the prospect of an iPhone 8 sales meltdown following reports that some units in the Far East have popped open due to the battery swelling. Several devices have however, allegedly been collected by Apple partners and returned for investigation by the tech giant. Anthony Wu, a user from Toronto, Canada, bought a new IPhone 8 Plus on Sunday, said it was out of box. No accounts of iPhone 8 explosions or fires have been reported so far.

Pictures taken by Liu and displayed on ThePaper's website showed an iPhone 8 plus split open along the side featuring the sim card holding, with the phone's internal parts visible.

Originally, a single user in Japan experienced this issue after leaving their phone to charge overnight using the official Apple charger.

While reports of swelling batteries is a serious concern, there have been no reports of any of them catching fire.

The first report came out of Taiwan, where a woman is said to have found her iPhone swollen apart after plugging it in to charge.

On Friday, Apple confirmed it knows about the issue that is affecting some of its newest iPhone models, which became available September 22.

According to reports, the £800 ($800) iPhone burst after the customer, known as Ms Wu, had charged it using an officially supplied charging cable. More details emerging on the Taiwanese issue claimed that the battery of the iPhone 8 had swollen to an unusal amount.

But after Samsung's Note 7 fiasco, there's reason to be concerned about what's happening here - especially since it's a battery issue. When Gizmodo spoke to an Apple spokesperson on Friday, they declined to comment on the matter any further.

The muted response to iPhone 8 and 8 Plus launches led some commenters to suggest the phones have sold poorly and that poor reviews are to blame.

Last year, the batteries of the Rs 59,900 Galaxy Note 7 started exploding.

However others claim that the rise of online pre-orders and Apple's new appointment-based pickup system are to blame as a trip to the high street is less likely or is staggered.

However, it is largely believed that the core Apple fans are anxiously waiting for the iPhone X, which will be out next month.

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