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Tainted Honey: Bee-Poisoning Pesticides Found Globally

07 October 2017, 01:54 | Melissa Porter

Trace amounts of neonicotinoid pesticides found in 75% of honey samples worldwide—'far below' levels dangerous to

A collection of jars of honey

Traces of toxic pesticides for bees have been found in 75 % of the honey produced around the world, according to research findings cited by Associated Press and the France press. Researchers found that out of almost 200 honey samples, 75-percent of them tested positive for neonicotinoid insecticides.

Overall, 75% of all honey samples contained at least one neonicotinoid; of these contaminated samples, 30% of contained a single neonicotinoid, 45% contained two or more, and 10% contained four or five.

In addition, multiple contaminations were most frequent in North America, Asia, and Europe and least frequent in South America and Oceania. Widespread application of neonicotinoids has been identified as a key factor responsible for the global decline in pollinators, particularly bees.

This can allow them to infiltrate every part of the growing plant.

Just when we thought things were finally looking up for the bee population, researchers have delivered some disheartening - and frightening - news.

One outside expert says the study is too small to make any broad conclusions. Concentrations found in 198 samples of honey from different parts of the world are not risky for humans - their effect is below the European Union norm.

Aebi said the results for bees were alarming, as a tinyconcentration of pesticide of 0.1 ng/gram can have a significant effect.The consequences includean impact on reproductive capacity, survival, immune system or memory, and affecting bees'ability to return to their hive after pollen and nectar collection. They said neonics are risky to all sorts of insects, even ladybugs.

"It is definitely scary for honeybees and other bees and useful insects".

"This is an important paper if for no other reason that it will attract a great deal of attention to the mounting problem of worldwide dependence on agrochemicals, the side effects of which we know relatively little", Cameron said in an email. Mitchell's favorite is a dark and bitter honey from Africa.

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