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Eclipse glasses sold out everywhere in York County

12 August 2017, 01:32 | Justin Tyler

Dr. Nathan Podoll

Dr. Nathan Podoll

They hung out there until five minutes after the eclipse, before returning to the watery depths, he recalled. Here's our first look.

So, before we start, first a reminder to check back here on a regular basis, to see what the updated forecast will be, as we get closer to the day in question.

According to The Associated Press, the United States will be only nation fortunate enough to be in the path of totality.

The GFS computer model still has a chance for showers across Kentucky and Indiana.

People in a path running from northwest to southeast from Washington state through Nebraska and eventually SC will see a total eclipse lasting two to three minutes.

Astronomers call that an annular solar eclipse.

NASA will also be taking high-definition images and measurements of visible and infrared light from two WB-57 jet planes flying over the path of totality in Missouri, Illinois and Tennessee.

Don't rely on this, though.

They're not as stylish as Ray Bans but they will allow you to look at the historic event without eye damage as long as you keep them on. Thus, those areas farther to the west, especially in southern Alberta and southern British Columbia, are most favourable for seeing this effect.

The Citizen Continental-America Telescopic Eclipse (Citizen CATE) project, led by Matt Penn at the National Solar Observatory in Tucson, Ariz., will take full advantage of that time. The times listed are set to the local time zone of the area the icon is over, and each icon shows what the Sun will look like at maximum eclipse for each location. And during that period of time, the filters that you would want to wear are approved by the ISO standards, and we have those at our office. The sizes and distances of the sun and moon mean both take up about half a degree of the sky, about the width of a pinky finger at arm's length. Having a good understanding of what to expect at the eclipse will help viewers to get the most out of this rare and exciting opportunity. Via live streams and a television broadcast, NASA will bring the August 21 eclipse live to viewers everywhere in the world.

And, they should remain on for the entirety of the phases leading up to totality.

A Summerville man can't wait to see his second total solar eclipse on August 21st.

You always need a classic Broadway musical tune in a playlist (right?), and none better than "Aquarius".

Known as a total solar eclipse, the moon will pass directly between Earth and the sun, completely blocking the view of our favorite star.

An alternative to using eclipse glasses is to use a number 14 welder's mask. The sun's rays, both visible and invisible, can cause massive damage to the sensitive tissues of the eye. If the Sun were to unexpectedly shine through a clear patch in the clouds, and your eyes are not shielded against its light and radiation, even momentary exposure could cause a sunburn on your retinas (photokeratitis).

Even if it is cloudy.


Despite that it is an event lasting less than a minute here, the solar eclipse could be this summer's big event.

As it moves at 1,600 miles per hour from one town to the next, we need to be in place for hello and goodbye eclipse coverage.

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