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Overwatch Introduces Deathmatch to Arcade Mode

11 August 2017, 01:38 | Justin Tyler

Overwatch Introduces Deathmatch to Arcade Mode

Overwatch Introduces Deathmatch to Arcade Mode

In these modes, there are no objectives to capture and no payloads to push. With kills limits that low, it makes you wonder how large some of the re-worked existing maps will be when the game modes go live.

Blizzard also announced that several maps have been modified to better suit the new Deathmatch mode. Additionally, Deathmatch features a new scoreboard to keep track of your kills. You'll be able to play with two different modes: the core Deathmatch mode that's a free-for-all, you against seven other players in a map while using whatever hero you want as you try to rack up kills up to 20. It is essentially Rocket League and Overwatch combined, and despite how odd that sounds, it is a very entertaining and fun mode.

For now, you can entertain yourself with the Overwatch Summer Games event, in which you can earn brand new skins for each of the characters. Being in the top half of the FFA mode will credit the player with a win which will count toward getting loot boxes in Arcade Mode.

Team Deathmatch runs the same rules with one change: if a player dies and they are resurrected, the point awarded for their kill is immediately revoked.

Speaking of maps, Blizzard is preparing a new map as well, one that will take advantage of the new free-for-all deathmatch mode called, Château Guillard, the family Estate of Widowmaker, aka Amélie Guillard Lacroix, Lacroix is her married name. Mechanically it'll have jump pads and tight corridors, while narratively you'll get hints about Widowmaker's background.

"I know at one point I said we would never have deathmatch in Overwatch - well, surprise, never say never", Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan said in his latest "developer update" video.

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