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The Lib Dems want what remains of the Remain vote

20 May 2017, 03:48 | Erica Roy

Tenants will be able to use rent payments to buy their own homes under plans unveiled by the Liberal Democrats

Tenants will be able to use rent payments to buy their own homes under plans unveiled by the Liberal Democrats

The extra cash will be raised by increasing income tax by 1%, while the Lib Dems also plan to reverse the Conservatives' cuts to corporation tax.

May has vowed to press ahead with Brexit, saying she was prepared to take Britain out of the European Union even if no deal with the bloc could be struck, while Labour's leader Jeremy Corbyn has said the issue has been settled.

"Higher prices as a result of Brexit will make the impact of the benefits freeze even worse for millions of families already struggling to get by".

Launching their manifesto today (Wednesday) ahead of the General Election next month, party leader Tim Farron said he wanted to launch a Green Transport Act and an Air Quality Plan to "reduce air pollution and protect United Kingdom citizens". "And if you don't like the deal you should be able to reject it and choose to remain in Europe".

The former Conservative MP said: "I think we've moved beyond this weeks ago, I think that is the big misconception of the Liberal Democrats".

Labour has "lost the right to call themselves the opposition" by failing to make a stand on Brexit, Mr Farron said.

The Lib Dem leader said he did not recognise the interview, which came to light after he had to clarify that he does not believe gay sex is a sin. This year, London exceeded its annual air pollution target in just days.

Coming a day after the Labour manifesto, which contained few specific policies relating to waste and recycling (see letsrecycle.com story) the Lib Dems' 2017 manifesto repeats the Party's 2015 pledge to "establish a coherent tax and regulatory framework for landfill, incineration and waste collection". The Scottish Government says Police Scotland loses £35 million per year because of the rules on Value-Added Tax.

And Scotland would be connected to a high-speed rail network with approval for the HS2 and HS3 developments.

Farron will also pledge to invest 7 billion pounds ($9 billion) in schools and colleges, offer discounts on bus passes for 16-to-21-year-olds, extend free school meals to all primary school pupils and double the number of businesses that take apprenticeships.

The Lib Dems' penny on income tax would fund a £6.3 billion boost in spending on NHS and social care.

The Lib Dems intend to levy a heavy tax on the empty houses and houses owned by foreign nationals who use the houses as a second home.

Conservative Party chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin claimed that the Liberal Democrats' policies were "an echo of Corbyn's manifesto we saw earlier this week", while the Green Party accused the Lib Dems of lacking vision, saying the party needed to take off its "Brexit blinkers".

Now we know that the Liberal Democrats will not win a majority so there will be no second referendum.

"Scotland has not forgotten the Lib Dem record of betrayal propping up the Tories in government".

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