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Emmanuel Macron wins French presidency by emphatic margin - projections

20 May 2017, 02:55 | Erica Roy

Emmanuel Macron ignites the crowd at his Paris victory rallyMore

Emmanuel Macron ignites the crowd at his Paris victory rallyMore

But while those opposed to the message and history of Le Pen and her National Front party are mostly celebrating, the results of France's election are still troubling.

Macron won the election taking 66.1 percent of the vote, compared to the 33.9 percent won by Le Pen.

In fact, Macron handily beat Le Pen in this presidential election, assuring that Macron will be able to "right the ship", as it were, without the prejudicial baggage that a Le Pen presidency would likely bring.

The incoming president appeared alongside Mr Hollande in commemoration of the end of the Second World War.

Hollande will visit German Chancellor Angela Merkel later on Monday "so we can say goodbye to each other", he told France 2 television after the ceremony, saying the inauguration at the presidential Elysee Palace will take place on May 14.

Noting he was "an enthusiastic admirer of the spirit of the European Union - putting the wider community's long-term common interest ahead of national and other local concerns", he expressed hope that the European Union will grow from strength to strength and that it will be a model for other continents to follow in times to come.

After her decisive loss, the National Front also geared up for a name change - if not a makeover of its ideas.

Marine Le Pen's high-spending, anti-globalisation "France-first" policies appealed to many poorer members of society, but it wasn't enough to win her the presidency.

Mr Macron has said he is aiming to secure an absolute majority in the lower chamber through the June 11 and 18 elections. "I call upon all patriots to join us". He will be the eighth president of the French Fifth Republic.

The euro hit a six-month high against the dollar on Monday while Asian shares gained and USA stock futures briefly touched a record high, on investor relief after centrist Emmanuel Macron comfortably won the French presidential election.

He will be the youngest leader in the current Group of Seven (G7) major nations and has elicited comparisons with youthful leaders past and present, from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to British ex-premier Tony Blair and even President John F Kennedy in the United States.

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