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United Airlines CEO answers lawmakers on passenger dragging incident

27 April 2017, 03:43 | Erica Roy

United Airlines is investigating a report that a giant rabbit died on one of its flights from London to Chicago. | Getty Images

United Airlines jets sit at gates at O'Hare International Airport

The new offer comes after rival Delta raised to $9,950 (£7,733) the amount it would pay for volunteers to get off overbooked flights.

United also said that effective Thursday, it will no longer attempt to involuntarily remove passengers who've already boarded their flights "unless safety or security is at risk".

United Airlines on Wednesday explained its recent forced removal of a passenger to the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee's top members. "In hindsight, I think about it every day and how we should have responded better".

United Airlines said on Thursday it would offer passengers who volunteer to forfeit their seats on overbooked flights up to $10,000 as part of the carrier's efforts to fix the damage from the rough removal of a passenger.

Raising the limit on compensation to $10,000 for customers who give up their seats. That is a maximum - it's unclear how many, if any, passengers would see that much.

United promises more employee training and more creative solutions-like flying passengers to nearby airports and then driving them to their destination.

United will add new annual training for its agents "that will equip them to handle the most hard of situations".

Using a new app, flight attendants and gate agents can proactively dole out miles or other compensation "when a disservice occurs".

For United, the timing of the viral video could hardly have been worse. In the past year, however, the airline has flown more on-time flights and lost fewer bags. Dao, the passenger injured when he was yanked from his seat, is nearly certain to file a lawsuit.

After initial missteps in which they appeared to at least partially blame Dao, the carrier and its CEO Oscar Munoz apologised repeatedly and launched the internal review to find out what went wrong.

Edwards said she was at first hesitant to sell Simon at all, intending to keep the black-haired, blue-eyed rabbit as a pet. Simon's father, Darius, is 4 feet 4 inches long from the tip of his nose to the back of the toes on his hind legs; the gray rabbit took over the Guinness record from his mother. "It did not represent how I felt", saying that he got "caught up in facts and circumstances" that weren't initially clear, instead of expressing his shock.

There have been calls for United Airlines officials to testify in Congress about the confrontation, and the Senate Commerce Committee has been in touch with Munoz, seeking more details.

Following the public relations nightmare that was United Flight 3411 on April 9, when a passenger was forcibly dragged from a plane to make room for an employee, the airline has announced 10 "substantial changes" to integrate into its daily operation.

A giant 10-month-old continental rabbit named Simon, set to become the biggest in the world, was mysteriously found dead after a United Airlines flight from London to Chicago on Monday (24 April).

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