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UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins

27 April 2017, 03:48 | Myron Mathis

In Wales, a largely rural country that has always been a stronghold of her Labour opponents but which voted in favour of Brexit past year, May took aim at opposition parties to press her argument that only she can win a good deal with the European Union. Where hard-fought workplace rights and the environment are protected.

So with Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn both prepared to sit out a full-on debate in the format we've become accustomed to, that would only leave a handful of leaders of smaller parties willing to turn up.

What do they say about best-laid plans?

Britain's opposition Labour Party will immediately guarantee the rights of European Union citizens living in the country if it wins a June election, it said today (25 April), setting out a Brexit strategy aimed at dismantling Prime Minister Theresa May's runaway lead.

Labour also managed to score a rare point against the Tories this morning by saying that a Corbyn government would guarantee the rights of European Union citizens living in the United Kingdom on day one.

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson returned to the theme on Wednesday night in his first speech of the campaign.

Theresa May has warned senior ministers not to think that the Conservatives' commanding lead in opinion polls means that the June 8 general election is in the bag.

Prime Minister May has said the United Kingdom could not remain part of the single market as it would mean not leaving the EU.

But Labour leader Corbyn went on the offensive over the government's record on austerity and public services, saying May's Conservatives "only look after the richest".

"I have no doubt that the negotiations will be tough and some plaster may fall off the ceiling, I am also sure that Theresa May can pull it off, and usher in a new era of free trade deals", he said.

"We are confident that we can win this election once Labour's message is clearly heard".

May called the snap vote for June 8 to seek a mandate for Brexit and is expecting to win an increased Commons majority for her party.

But Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said that Mr Corbyn would be a "threat to national security", accusing him of having "no grasp of the need for Britain to be strong in the world".

"The system is rigged, with housing treated as an investment for the few, not homes for the many".

Carwyn Jones, the Labour leader in Wales, later described May's visit as a stunt.

Laying out his party's vision for Brexit in London on Tuesday, Starmer sought to offer British voters a clear alternative to May's plans for a "hard Bexit".

"The damage that woman will do in the next five years will have anyone who voted her in regretting they ever did".

Cabinet Office spokesman Lord Young rejected the idea of lowering the voting age and said it will stay at 18.

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