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Islamic State, Taliban clash in Afghanistan, dozens killed

27 April 2017, 03:46 | Erica Roy

Islamic State, Taliban clash in Afghanistan, dozens killed

Islamic State, Taliban clash in Afghanistan, dozens killed

John Nicholson, the Commander of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces in Afghanistan, spoke about the claims on Monday, at a press conference in Kabul. Mattis said the US was "going to have to confront Russian Federation where what they're doing is contrary to worldwide law", continuing that "any weapons being funneled here from a foreign country would be a violation of global law".

"The level of granularity and the level of success they're achieving, I think the jury is still out on that", Mattis noted. The newspaper also pointed out that earlier in 2017, General Curtis Scaparrotti, commander of the United States European Command, spotlighted Russia's possible supplying of the Taliban during testimony to Congress.

Late last month, other top ranking U.S. military officials spoke to the allegations, but discussed them with greater uncertainty.

Russian officials have also reportedly met with Taliban representatives in Russia and Tajikistan.

Ali writes that Nicholson's no-comment comments "are among the strongest suggestions yet that Moscow is providing arms to the Taliban". Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

"What we found (during the ongoing Af-Pak policy review) is that in recent years is that we often just done enough in Afghanistan to avoid failure, and not enough to scale our level of efforts to succeed".

"We want India to be party to peace talks in Afghanistan", Abdali said, adding it was time for the US, India and Afghanistan to revive their trilateral dialogue.

"Their [Russia's] narrative goes something like this: that the Taliban are the ones fighting Islamic State, not the Afghan government", commanding U.S. General in Afghanistan John Nicholson told reporters in a December Pentagon briefing. "This is a false narrative".

The Afghan military and security forces, with 195,000 soldiers and more than 150,000 policemen, have struggled to contain insurgency on their own.

The camp attacked during Mattis' visit had contributed stars to the Central Intelligence Agency commemoration wall, when a 2009 suicide attack by a Jordanian double agent killed seven Central Intelligence Agency officers.

Mubarez Mohammad Zadran, a spokesman for the provincial governor's office where the base that was attacked is located, told Reuters that he was aware of "a vehicle bomb attack at one of the gates in the USA base, but we are not allowed there to get more details".

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