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Here’s How Transformers Became One of The Biggest Franchises in The World

27 April 2017, 04:05 | Myron Mathis

Here’s How Transformers Became One of The Biggest Franchises in The World

Here’s How Transformers Became One of The Biggest Franchises in The World

When it comes to running a business, few strategies are more successful than franchising – that is, if it is done right. For those who are unsure, the term "franchising" refers to when a brand owner gives third parties the right to create, distribute and promote products using their trademark in exchange for a fee.

One brand that has managed to reach almost every platform due to a successful franchising system is Transformers, which has been in the news a lot recently after it was revealed that a further fourteen movies are planned for the near future.

This franchise began when Hasbro secured the rights for a number of Japanese transforming robot brands and teamed up with toy manufacturers Takara to develop The Transformers. In the early 80s, Hasbro launched a Transformers toy line in the United States consisting of 21 models before allowing a theme song and the original Transformers cartoon to be produced.

Changing With The Times

As time went by, more modern platforms began to adopt Transformers, ensuring that the brand remained relevant as audiences matured. For instance, the iGaming industry received licenses to create and distribute trademarked products. These include IGT’s Battle For Cybertron slot, a favourite among fans who are a little too old to play with toys but still want a good game.

In fact, many brands have caught on to this, which is why you can usually find entire catalogues of superhero themed online slots including Battle For Cybertron at online casinos such as bgo. This casino alone is home to games featuring DC Comics, Fox and Simco trademarks, as successful franchises cannot pass up an opportunity to engage with their audience in new ways. In fact, some franchises have even come up with their own online casinos such as The X Factor Games and Deal or No Deal Bingo in an attempt to attract fans.

The Movie Franchise


After many more toys, animated shows, songs and even a convention were created, the franchise finally received its first live-action movie in 2007. Though the movie received mixed reviews – mostly due to Michael Bay’s explosion-happy directing – its success was undeniable. Once The Last Knight is released in June, there will be a total of five movies in the series, which has already made over $3.7 billion in box office sales.

Needless to say, Hasbro has well and truly mastered the art of franchising when it comes to Transformers. Considering the whole brand stems from a simple robot toy, it is incredible that it has managed to enter into almost every sector of media from books to games to movies.

Are you a fan of Transformers, and if so do you think it is a good idea for Hasbro to allow another fourteen movies to be made? Do you enjoy playing the number of more mature games that have stemmed from childhood favourites such as those found on bgo? Do you think you could run a franchise? Let us know in the comments below. 

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