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French presidential foes take spin battle to tumble-drier factory

27 April 2017, 04:05 | Erica Roy

Despite their country's political and cultural differences from America, the French are going through an election upheaval that is amazingly similar to the convulsion that produced Donald Trump.

Even before Ms Le Pen's impromptu appearance, Mr Macron's intervention in the Whirlpool factory's future, in a region where Ms Le Pen got the most votes, was fraught with risk.

One theory is that Le Pen's decision is largely cosmetic. Critics said he was taking voters' support for granted and the dinner had been inappropriate, while Le Pen's team said it was further evidence that he's an out-of-touch elitist who doesn't understand the struggles of ordinary people. After a meeting with Macron, she said that he'd promised to keep a close eye on the situation but what she really wanted was talks with factory managers who are refusing to discuss the workers' situation. But then the ambassador listed his caveats.

In a recent manifesto, Le Pen promised to create an "improved" form of civil unions in the country to "replace" the equal marriage law passed under the current Socialist government in 2013.

"Hollande has asked ministers to fully commit themselves in the election campaign to ensure that Marine Le Pen has the lowest possible result", French presidential spokesman, Stephane Le Foll, said at the Council of Ministries on Wednesday. Moreover, says Araud, the problem goes well beyond the issue of trade. We are facing a real problem that may worsen.

Le Pen, who is anti-EU and anti-immigration, last night launched a withering attack on the pro-EU Macron, whose progress has been welcomed by politicians across Europe.

Le Pen said of Macron: "He is for total open borders".

Ms. Marine Le Pen's decision to take a leave of absence from the day-to-day management of the party appeared to be an attempt to portray herself as being above the narrow world of National Front politics and broaden her appeal to the wider electorate ahead of the crucial run-off vote.

(AP Photo/Francois Mori). French centrist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, center, next to Mourad Franck Papazian, left, co-president of France's Armenian Organizations Coordination Council (CCAF), right, pay respect during a ceremony marking 10.

Wenger is a liberal who has always opposed the far-right Le Pen, and while he did not confirm that he would vote for Macron, he left little doubt over the matter. That poses a problem which may look familiar to Clinton's supporters.

Le Pen won 21.4 percent of the vote on Sunday to 23.9 percent for Macron, who is now projected to defeat her by a margin of about 20 points in the runoff.

Could France's Marine Le Pen become president? And many disgruntled voters may stay home.

Former finance minister Macron had been a member of the Parti socialiste and part of Francois Hollande's government before resigning previous year to set up his own party, En Marche.

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