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Pound surge suggests UK election will yield smoother Brexit

21 April 2017, 07:29 | Erica Roy

"She wants her to believe she is a woman of her word; isn't the truth that we can't believe a single word she says?" "They will have a choice between a Conservative government that has shown we can build a stronger economy and a Labour whose economic policies would bankrupt this country".

After winning a major legal battle to force the British government to seek parliamentary approval before triggering the process to exit the European Union, Gina Miller on Wednesday launched a funding drive to campaign for tactical voting against a hard Brexit in the June 8 mid-term election.

Labour's Corbyn made clear he'll focus on May's dramatic decision to reverse her position on an early election as a sign she won't keep her promises.

During the weekly session of Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, May accused opposition MPs of trying to thwart the Brexit process.

May said it was "only recently and reluctantly" that she had chose to call for a snap election, rather than serve a fixed term until 2020 under what is a slim Tory majority.

After debating the motion put forward by May in Parliament, 522 of the 650 sitting MPs threw their support behind the early election, well and truly passing the threshold of two-thirds needed to approve the plan.

It was her first face-to-face clash with her main rival for power, Labour's Jeremy Corbyn, since she stunned the country by calling for a snap election today.

If the election is approved Wednesday, Parliament will be dissolved on May 2, sparking nearly six weeks of campaigning. Its lawmakers abstained during Wednesday's vote. Polls give the Conservatives a double-digit lead over Labour, and May is gambling that an election will deliver her a personal mandate from voters and produce a bigger Conservative majority.

The Prime Minister replied that she debates Mr Corbyn every Wednesday during PMQs and will be taking the record of a proud Conservative Government out to the country.

Meanwhile the Scottish National Party, which holds most of the seats in Scotland, is pushing its demands for a second referendum on independence in order to maintain close ties with the EU. "It's about. getting the right deal from Europe", May said.

"The UK elections do not change our EU27 plans", Preben Aamann, a spokesperson for European Council President Donald Tusk, said in a statement on Tuesday.

"The negotiations were meant to start in June regardless of the United Kingdom government (election) decision", he said when a journalist recalled the all-clear for negotiations is planned for late May. Elections are now set for 2020, just a year after the scheduled completion of Brexit talks.

The Commission spokesman said "real political negotiations" on Brexit would not start until after the vote.

One broadcaster, ITV, said it planned to hold a debate with or without the prime minister.

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