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Department of Irony: Google Chrome Getting a Built-In Ad-Blocker

21 April 2017, 06:03 | Jodi Jackson

Google will add an ad-blocking feature to the mobile and desktop versions of its Chrome browser, according to an article from The Wall Street Journal. So why would it want to make it easier for users to escape them?

Google makes a lot of money from online advertisements.

This move may be considered a defensive strategy rather than thinking that it is company's way of showing that they changed their mind. Sites would have no choice but to comply and immediately remove the most hated ad types. The new ad blocking system will be announced in just a few weeks. And regardless of how bad some ads may be, Google could still end up leveraging its own dominant platform (Chrome) to not only shut out competing ad-blockers, but strong-arm other advertisers into following its orders. Google, for example, pays to be a part of the "Acceptable Ads" program from Eyeo, the developer of AdBlock Plus, which then lets advertising on Google's search engine and some of the other ads it powers to pass through Adblock Plus filters, according to WSJ.

Besides the fact that there is an apparent mismatch when thinking about Google which started implementing adblockers, this new measure imposed by the company will establish exactly what kind of ads Chrome users will be exposed to.

With the overwhelming majority of Google's income coming from advertising, ad-blocking is a problem for the company.

On April 19, Google representatives stated that they are not willing to comment on any kind of speculations or rumors which were spread lately. The objective of the blocker will be shutting down the ads found unacceptable by the Coalition for Better Ads.

Digital Content Next, a trade group for digital media suppliers, "is 100% committed to the Coalition for Better Ads as the forum for addressing consumer concerns around ad experiences", according to association President Jason Kint. The only thing the company confirmed was that it has indeed been working with the Coalition for Better Ads. How harshly Google will treat "offending" websites is still up in the air, but as this chart from Statista shows, it's dealing with a not-insignificant amount of ad-blocking users around the world. Meanwhile, desktop users said that pop-ups along with the auto-playing videos with sound and the large ads are the most annoying.

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