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PlayStation 4 consoles may attract roaches, repairmen say

20 April 2017, 04:20 | Jodi Jackson

PlayStation 4 consoles may attract roaches, repairmen say

The top two ways to know if a console is infested with cockroaches is to look to see them crawl in and out or spot traces of cockroach poop or smell them

Slim PlayStation 4 now comes with 1TB of standard storage. There are a few subtle differences, such as reduced power consumption and heat, and some slight variation in the ports. As Kotaku reported, XCubicle is already cashing in on the problem by asking for $25 in payment as "roach fee".

"I heard about the PS4's roach problem at an independent console fix shop on the Lower East Side of Manhattan".

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Maybe you could convert a non-working PS4 into a roach trap, solving the twin problems of what to do with a console that's beyond fix and trying to get a handle on your roach problem.

The power supply inside the console gets warm and the cockroaches are attracted to this dark warm interior
The power supply inside the console gets warm and the cockroaches are attracted to this dark warm interior

Most gamers place the PlayStation 4 inside dark and closed off areas, such as in media centers. The shop she visited gets in at least one roach-infested console per week.

For starters, the console's wide ventilation grates at the bottom make it easy for roaches to enter. Unlike the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One's power supply is located outside the console itself which means less of these roaches are attracted to it.

Previously, the PlayStation 4 Pro was the only model to include a 1TB hard drive, which had an MSRP of $399. This causes the console to malfunction stopping the PS4 from turning on. Once the roaches get in, they won't want to leave. It may not be wise for Sony to launch a new console in just a very short span of time, as it may compete with each other.

iFixIt employee Matt Zieminski claimed that, in most cases, owners who send in their PlayStation 4 units for repairs do not know that their console is packed with cockroaches. And the best part was that there was no explanation about the unfixed PlayStation. They have no idea that their device has become a breeding ground for the pests. Matt Zieminski, who works for console fix suite IFixit, told me that most of the time, the consoles aren't sent in for roach cleaning - the users don't know they're infested. "Their poop colour is distinct and has a certain smell to it. We kind of know right off the bat if there are poop stains on the vent of the fan-we assume it's bug-loaded".

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