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Now Facebook wants to augment your reality

20 April 2017, 07:11 | Jodi Jackson

As he explained it Tuesday, you could, for example, open your smartphone camera, aim it at your morning bowl of Hemp & Buckwheat flakes and then augment your drab reality by pressing the swimming shark icon.

Now, it appears as though Facebook's early iterations of a Snapchat-like product were just one step in a larger plan centered on building the "first mainstream augmented reality platform", according to TechCrunch.

David Marcus, vice president of Messaging Products at Facebook, speaks on stage during the annual Facebook F8 developers conference. Here are the six things you don't want to miss.

This new AR push doesn't mean that Facebook is giving up on virtual reality - far from it. "This is the communications medium we use today for good and bad", Jackson said.

Facebook F8 conference: The big focus was clearly on Augmented Reality and how it will become a part of the Facebook Camera. Perhaps the most meaningful was a major push into augmented reality (AR), which will complement Facebook's leading position in virtual reality (VR) thanks to its Oculus subsidiary.

Using AI, M will be able to recognise people and tasks in your conversation which will allow it to make context-based recommendations. "Through the lens of the camera you can see this tower defense game where all these bad guys come in and you have to swat them in order for them to go away before they get to you", he said.

Developers can build AR selfie masks, overlay info on real world objects like putting reviews on a restaurant's storefront, create interactive games, and add virtual objects to your reality like a chess board or TV.

The Camera Effects Platform now includes two products for developers - Frames Studio and AR Studio.

Now you can make your own still 2D filters for Facebook's camera. As and when more developers join the program, there will be more stuff on the lines of AR to explore.

Speaking at the firm's F8 conference, Zuckerberg said engineers in a secretive unit were working to build interfaces between brains and computers. "Your experience won't change dramatically overnight", he said. However, he hinted that Facebook will release some kind of glasses or headset: "Over time I think this is going to be a really important technology".

With so much talk surrounding the software, Zuckerberg had little to share on the hardware side of things. Most current-gen smartphones can handle AR just fine thanks to their advanced computing power and cameras on both the front and back.

The data includes place names, addresses, photos, Facebook consumer ratings and more. We do not want another Google Glass failure in the making. However finding and using the chat bots is quite hard thus the reason for their less than enthusiastic take off. Facebook is not going down without a fight and is readying itself to launch a new tab called the Discover.

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