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Fresno shooting suspect laughed as he recounted rampage that killed 3

20 April 2017, 05:34 | Laverne Osborne

Fresno, Calif., Police Chief Jerry Dyer glances over at a photo of victim Zackary Randalls during a news conference at the Fresno Police Department on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Randalls was in a training program for Pacific Gas & Electric and doing a ride-along Tuesday, April 18, 2017, when he was gunned down. He described the 34-year-old as an open-minded person with a sharp wit and a big heart. The gunman pumped two more rounds into Gassett as he lay on the ground, police said.

"He wouldn't want this to turn into any type of hateful reaction from anybody in the public", Valencia said. "There were no boundaries with race, religions, beliefs, with anything". Join us in a conversation about world events, the newsgathering process or whatever aspect of the news universe you find interesting or important. "He was a stand-up guy".

Muhammad, who's black, was arrested Tuesday after police say he killed three other white men at random. Wright says he expects the arraignment will be scheduled for Friday.

The final two victims were 37-year old Mark Gasset who was standing in front of a home on Fulton Street.

Mark Greer said he and 58-year-old David Jackson stopped at the Catholic Charities building after running a bank errand because Greer needed to use the restroom.

"These were unprovoked attacks", Dyer said.

They scattered, and Muhammad picked the one who appeared heavier, David Jackson.

Muhammad was arrested shortly after the rampage.

Dyer said Muhammad admitted to shooting the three men Tuesday, targeting them because they were white and shooting them as if he was on a game hunt. The unarmed 25-year-old was shot outside the motel on North Blackstone Avenue.

He told detectives he murdered security guard Carl Williams outside a Motel 6 last week because the minimum-wage earner "disrespected him". Dyer says he watched detectives investigate, then left and hid by a dumpster. What happened? Muhammad is said to have fired at least 16 rounds in less than a minute at four locations in downtown Fresno in the late morning.

Police suspect that the man responsible for three shooting deaths in Fresno on Tuesday, April 18, is also responsible for the slaying of Carl Williams, who was shot last week while working as a security guard at a Fresno motel.

When he ran out of bullets, Dyer said, Muhammad wrapped the gun in clothes and put it down.

Muhammad, 39, told investigators he is Muslim but prays to seven different gods.

Muhammad was in the area because of several abandoned houses in the vicinity; according to Dyer, Muhammad was living on the streets and was hoping to stay at one such house.

Dyer said Muhammad told police that he gave himself up because he respects Fresno officers, didn't want them to shoot him and is not a "coward".

Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer said: 'These individuals who were chosen today did not do anything to deserve what they got.

After killing Jackson, Dyer said Muhammad kept going south until encountering a Hispanic man near Voorman Avenue. "We believe it is a hate crime, definitely a hate crime".

Dyer said investigators allowed Muhammad to speak on the phone to his mother, who was crying.

Muhammad spoke to his mom on Tuesday and he told her not to cry because "he is still alive, his magic is powerful and then he started laughing", according to Dyer.

The suspect told his family there was a war going on between blacks and whites in America. He posted on social media about black separatism, reparations, the "Black Lives Matter" movement and white devils.

Muhammad's own father, Vincent Taylor, told the Times "that his son believed that he was part of an ongoing war between whites and blacks, and that 'a battle was about to take place.'" And Taylor said he was glad Muhammad was apprehended, because he was afraid there could have been more bloodshed. Another man picked the weapon up after speaking briefly with Muhammad, and police say they are searching for that man.

On his Facebook page, Muhammad hailed black pride and nationalism. A flurry of posts emerged in the past day.

Kori Ali Muhammad's criminal history includes arrests for gun possession, theft and drug charges.

His public defender raised questions on whether Muhammad was mentally fit to stand trial, noting that on several occasions, he had "appeared eccentric with some weird beliefs" and appeared to have hallucinations. Dyer says in both of the final two murders Muhammad stood over the men firing shots directly into their bodies.

On Tuesday, he headed over to a store called The Brass Unicorn, hoping to buy some crystals.

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