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After Swearing In Justice Gorsuch Gives A Speech From The Heart

20 April 2017, 05:43 | Laverne Osborne

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch's influence on healthcare policy may be initially limited, one expert predicted following his swearing in on Monday. By Gorsuch's logic, the truck driver should have sacrificed his life to save his bosses' cargo.

Gorsuch becomes the 113th justice in Supreme Court history, filling the ninth seat on the bench that had been vacant since the unexpected death of Justice Antonin Scalia almost 14 months ago.

Leonard Leo, who has played a central role in the right-wing Federalist Society and its long campaign to achieve ideological dominion over the federal courts, and who shepherded Gorsuch's nomination on behalf of the Trump administration, was likewise thrilled by his confirmation.

The new associate justice had already taken the constitutional oath, administered by Chief Justice John Roberts, in a private ceremony early in the morning.

"And I got it done in the first 100 days", Mr Trump quipped at a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. "I have no doubt you will go down as one of the truly great justices in the history of the United States Supreme Court". But Judge Garland was never even given a hearing, as Senate Republicans refused to allow one.

"Americans aare blessed to have in Neil Gorsuch a man who will, likewise, be a devoted servant of the law", Trump said, after expressing his gratitude to Senators who pushed for Gorsuch's confirmation on Friday.

And to the American people, Gorsuch said he was humbled by their trust.

First up for Gorsuch and the full-bench court will be a case out of Missouri involving a church's claim that its religious freedom is being violated by the state's ban on public money going to religious organizations.

Judge Neil Gorsuch has taken the first of two oaths to be sworn in as the newest Supreme Court justice Monday, after survived a grueling confirmation process where he faced Democrats still angered over Republicans' blockade of former President Barack Obama's nominee previous year.

And members of the LGBTQ community say the new Supreme Court justice could do a lot of damage.

"He was replacing a very conservative justice, he is conservative, I don't think anyone was really questioning his qualifications, and when I look at the other people on the list Trump could have picked, it could have been much, much worse", said Luke.

Scalia's widow, Maureen, also attended.

For more on how Gorsuch may rule on upcoming cases, check out Adam Feldman's analysis at Empirical SCOTUS, for which he examined "how Gorsuch reasoned in similar cases while on the 10th Circuit, and appl [ied] this reasoning to the Supreme Court cases". If at least four justices agree, a case can be accepted and added, at this point in the year, to the court's oral argument docket for the term that starts next October.

In perhaps the most notorious opinion of his judicial career, the so-called "frozen trucker" case, Gorsuch dissented against a majority decision supporting the right of a truck driver, caught in an unexpected blizzard, to disconnect his load and drive his rig to shelter.

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