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'The Walking Dead' EP Promises A 'Conclusive' & Action-Packed Season 7 Finale

20 March 2017, 06:57 | Melissa Porter

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The episode from last night just confirmed the speculation that has been going on for a while.

So obviously the big question, besides "Is this the end of Sasha?" is why she did it. Given the chance to escape by Sasha and Rosita, he's terrified and seems to want to stay. "But who Carol is, she's a pretty determined person". Anything can happen with Sasha because there isn't any source material to go off of.

Which brings us to now.

Meanwhile, Rosita and Sasha journeyed to the Sanctuary to put their Negan assassination plan in motion.

This week, both women embarked on a suicide mission to try and take down Negan, and in the process, were forced to actually spend time with each other. This little old lady came out and saw Norman and she went, 'Oh - my Norman!' And she went [to Morgan]: 'That fucker!

Is Rosita about to get the showdown she's been aching for? However, it wasn't enough for Jadis and she demanded more. It wasn't like that with Abraham, though. "It signifies her love for him". Martin-Green is now filming the new CBS All Access' series "Star Trek: Discovery", which has led to speculation about her future on "The Walking Dead".

Andrew Lincoln thinks Michonne is the key to Rick's new sense of objective.

Negan is also featured in this week's trailer, saying that "this could be the beginning".

Elsewhere, after telling Rick (Andrew Lincoln) about the hidden Oceanside group that could be useful in his army, Tara (Alanna Masterson) appears to lead the Alexandrians right to them. He anxious that she and Rosita were going to die, so tried to make them stay. Very stupid. People are going to die from their hotheadedness.

Josh McDermitt portrays the character of Eugene and he is believed to collaborate with Negan. "But we can only make it together". It showed that Daryl is still overcoming some emotional trauma from being locked up at Negan's.

At any rate, en route to the Sanctuary, Rosita and Sasha also mended fences.

Opening with an excellent dialogue-free sequence showing events leading up to Rosita and Sasha's rifle exchange, residents at Hilltop were set into panic when the Saviors made a surprise visit. Maggie confronted Daryl about ignoring her ever since he came back to Hilltop, and he cried and said he was sorry for getting Glenn (Steven Yeun) killed. They're going to cook something up together.

Maybe the shadowy figure who appears before Rosita (my money is on Dwight) decides to help Rosita rescue Sasha.

Where does Eugene's allegiance lie? His delivery of the line "cardamom gelato" was the top moment of the season. Negan threw the other Dr. Carson in a furnace, so he's filling the vacancy with his much less charred brother.

Simon and his toadies file into Gregory's residence, and as usual, the spineless leader appears happy to welcome them. This would be yet another problem for Maggie.

As fans of The Walking Dead will know all too well, the show isn't afraid to toss out a good cliffhanger every now and again, but last year's season finale took things to a whole other level, leaving us with one hell of an ending.

Things are taking shape.

"The Walking Dead" returns next Sunday, March 26 at 9 p.m.

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