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State health care bill could cost Oklahoma millions

20 March 2017, 03:38 | Melissa Porter

Extend behavioral health access

Repeal of Obamacare worries many Americans

"So as long as those questions continue to be asked, then the debate about whether everyone - regardless of income, regardless of age, gender - is entitled to health care is going to continue".

According to The New York Times, the bill would repeal the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate, allowing people to not buy health insurance; replace income-based insurance subsidies with smaller tax credits based on age and income; roll back the Medicaid expansion and provide only a per-person allotment to states for Medicaid.

But in the real world it turned out many people can't afford to use their Obamacare insurance cards to actually purchase health care because the deductibles are too expensive, or Obamacare's architects severely limited the kinds of health care plans insurance companies were allowed to offer customers. One is ending the expansion of Medicaid by next year instead of 2020.

Yet conservatives have never been able to provide an explanation for why every other advanced democracy has a health care system with far more government regulation than ours yet is simpler and easier to understand and operate, insures all or almost all its citizens, produces widespread satisfaction, and costs less than ours does.

"They wouldn't add up to what I've got now", Cox said.

Current law: Medicaid is an open-ended entitlement program.

"The math doesn't work", said Sen. John Kennedy, who supports the redesign plan. But they're forced to scramble to explain why it's OK to put 24 million more Americans (according to the Congressional Budget Office's analysis) off their insurance. How that would shake out among states is unclear.

A document obtained by The Associated Press shows state health officials also project the proposed new law would result in the state immediately losing $9.3 million in public health funding for programs such as immunizations and chronic disease funding.

And when cutting health insurance coverage for the poor is combined with slashing taxes for the rich - which this bill undeniably does - it exposes a moral juxtaposition that is a fundamental biblical contradiction. "That's why these cuts coming down from the ACA repeal bill are very concerning to us". Bill Cassidy, a doctor.

A story on Huffington Post highlights the damage Trump's plan would do to the benefits women gained with Obamacare.

Governors: States that accept spending caps would be able to freeze or reduce enrollment, with exceptions. Federal payments would grow with a measure of medical inflation.

House Republicans on Monday released the American Health Care Act, legislation that has already generated intense, diverse opposition.

The bill would also drive reductions in private insurance. Griffith said they were focused on keeping the reconciliation legislation in line with the Senate's Byrd rule, meaning any amendments must be tied to the budget in order to pass the bill without any Democratic support. It would essentially set in stone the reimbursement rate the feds now give to Illinois' Medicaid system. The U.S.is the only industrialized nation that thinks it is a privilege.

But responding to Carlson's critique about the apparent contradiction between his rhetoric and his proposed legislation, Trump simply responded, "a lot of things aren't consistent". "Hopefully it's going to change for the better". He explained, "We have the conservatives; we have the more liberal side of the Republican Party; we have the left".

The Louisiana Department of Health says it's "working to determine the potential impact" of the health proposal.

Republicans are on the fence when it comes to Medicaid.

Sophia Tesfaye is the Deputy Politics Editor at Salon.

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