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Gorsuch Right for High Court

20 March 2017, 09:38 | Erica Roy

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Neil Gorsuch

However during his opening statement, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham asked how any Senator could say that Mr Gorsuch was unqualified for the job. Chuck Grassley expressing his overarching views on the high court before championing Gorsuch, saying judges "play a limited role" in government and are "not free to update the Constitution".

If Sisk is correct, Gorsuch's advice could run afoul of anti-discrimination laws that prohibit prospective employers from making hiring decisions based on pregnancy or sex under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

"President Trump repeatedly promised to appoint someone "in the mold of Justice Scalia" and said that the nomination of Judge Gorsuch illustrates he's 'a man of his word", Feinstein said.

Gorsuch proceeded to say that all of his students' hands should have been raised because "many" women used their employers for maternity benefits and then left after giving birth, Sisk said in her letter.

"The Republican majority leader declared that the Senate would not provide any process to any nominee selected by President Obama despite the president having almost a year left in his term", Leahy said.

"A lot of the ideas and nominations Trump has advanced - they're going to go away after a couple of years", Schofield said.

Judge Gorsuch faces 3-4 days of hearings in the Judiciary Committee before moving to the full Senate. After the event with senators and progressives in front of the court last week, volunteers and staff delivered petitions with over a million signatures, they said, urging senators from both parties to oppose Gorsuch's nomination.

Tuesday should bring the first round of questions and first indication whether the Democrats will give the nominee a rough time.

The Republican lawmaker also spent time Monday defending his own controversial votes to confirm the more liberal Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor - even as he said he doesn't necessarily agree with their interpretation of the law.

"For those of us on our side ... our job is to determine whether he will protect the legal and constitutional rights of all Americans, not just the powerful and the wealthy", she continued. Republicans have said they have the votes necessary in the Senate.

Trump has publicly slammed the judges who halted his travel bans, prompting Gorsuch to call the remarks "demoralizing" and "disheartening."

If confirmed, Gorsuch, a federal appeals court judge from Colorado, is likely to carry on the conservative legacy of Justice Antonin Scalia and be an early legacy-establishing win for President Donald Trump.

The looming questions for some are whether Senate Democrats will actually initiate a filibuster to block the nomination and whether Kentucky Senator and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will shuttle such an attempt. The judiciary committee has 11 Republicans and nine Democrats, and the GOP has a 52-48 advantage in the Senate as a whole. Nope, with young people (a majority of whom in a separate poll see Donald Trump as an "illegitimate" president) leading the ignorant pack.

"Given the engagement of the electorate nationally on this central issue, I would suggest that Judge Gorsuch is no ordinary nominee", Cruz said.

Tara Romano, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, said Gorsuch's confirmation would be a huge step back for women.

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